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Academic Success
Page Created By: Brock Doty Date : 11/21/2013
Viera High tied for second among Class 7A schools in the FHSAA Academic Team Awards. / Craig Bailey/FLORIDA TODAY

In addition to winning the Cape Coast Conference all-sports trophy, Viera High got more good news this month.
The Hawks tied for second among Class 7A schools in the FHSAA Academic Team Awards. Schools are awarded points based on their academic placing in each sport, and both Viera and St. Thomas Aquinas accumulated 78 for the year. Ocala Forest was first with 94.
Merritt Island placed seventh in Class 5A with 505 points, trailing first-place Plantation American Heritage (1,136.5). Rockledge was ninth among 5A schools in the academic standings, with the baseball team (3.074), while West Shore (47 points) was fifth in 4A.
Holy Trinity was fourth among Class 3A private schools with 513 points. Maclay won the category with 641. The Tigers placed third in the boys-only standings. In the academic standings, Holy Trinity was fifth, scoring 51 points.
7A - 1. Viera 3.456
5A - 9. Rockledge 3.074 
4A - 11. Cocoa 3.102 
3A - 2. Holy Trinity 3.491
        4. MCC 3.449
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