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Countdown to Viera Baseball Tryouts

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Page Created By: Brock Doty Date : 11/14/2013
Class of 2017

Christian Robinson                             Stanford University 
                                                        San Diego Padres (27th Round)

Class of 2016

Alex Brait                                           Florida Gulf Coast University
Zach Kaye                                          Ave Maria University
Sebastian Samuels                              University of Montevallo

Class of 2015

Jacob Buck                                        Florida Tech University
Alec Neal                                           Daytona State College

Class of 2014

Connor Hermida                                  Lake Sumter State College
Kyle Hintz                                           Rollins College
Billy Lamm                                          Rollins College
Conner Prater                                      Eastern Florida State College

Class of 2013

Brandon Goff                                      Southeastern University
David McKay                                       Florida Atlantic University
                                                         New York Mets (30th Round) 2013
                                                         Kansas City Royals (14th Round) 2016
Reid Neal                                            Florida Atlantic University
Steven Martinez                                   Salem International University
Grant Willcoxon                                   Florida Tech University                                

Class of 2012

Kenton Hering                                     Brevard Community College
                                                                       Florida Gulf Coast University 

Class of 2010

Mike Nartatez                                      Brevard Community College
Jesse Schullstrom                                 St. John's Community College  

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